Spring Carnival Specials

Book now your grazing table for the Spring Carnival! Get friends and family together and enjoy a large variety of food. Grazing table is so versatile that it can be used as a starter, breakfast, morning/afternoon tea, a complete meal or as a dessert table.

Don't miss out! Special price valid until November 16, 2019

Spring Carnival Grazing Table


  • Variety of bread, such as French stick, bagel, focaccia, dinner roll, pita…

  • Variety of dips like hummus, yogurt labneh zaatar, roasted pumpkin, hummus, pesto, tzatziki, chutney...

  • Sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, pickles, roasted red pepper…

  • Vegetable sticks like cucumber, capsicum, carrot…

  • Cheese: Brie, blue, Cheddar, feta, cheddar slices

  • Meats: Ham, salami, chicken

  • Crackers, GF crackers, Grissini

  • Bacon and cheese quiche, vegetarian quiche, spinach and feta sfiha, spring roll, pizza slices, home made sausage roll, mini meat pie…

  • Dried fruits: Apple, figs, dates, apricot…Nuts

  • Point sandwich

  • Freshly cut seasonal fruits

  • Pretzel, Tim Tam, marshmallow, chocolate bars…

  • Mini brownie, mini muffin, Spanish churros + doce de leite (caramel), lemon slice, caramel slice…

  • Disposables items to serve:  wooden boats, forks, knives, spoons, napkins

  • Also for table decoration/setup: large wooden boards variety, stands, ramekins…

  • Chef to set up and decorate the table

Don't miss out! Special price valid until November 16, 2019

Only $21.9pp*

Get in touch with us and one of our friendly staff will contact you ASAP

*min 40 people

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